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Marlene Brokering

Ms. Marlene Brokering brings extensive expertise in international legal affairs, cultivated through years of experience both in Chile and abroad. Her journey has taken her from roles in Luxembourg to her current position as a Board Member of a prominent Argentinean company with international shareholders. In this capacity, she plays a pivotal role in providing precise legal support, ensuring that foreign entities navigating Latin America receive accurate guidance and compliance with local regulations.

A specialist in environmental law, Ms. Brokering also advises Chilean businesses, offering strategic counsel to navigate complex regulatory frameworks and uphold sustainable practices.

Her reputation as a thought leader is underscored by numerous lectures delivered on international trade law and environmental regulations, both domestically and internationally. Additionally, Ms. Brokering has contributed to academia, imparting her knowledge through teaching roles at esteemed institutions such as Pontificia Universidad Católica, Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins, and Universidad de Los Lagos.

Ms. Brokering is a lawyer and holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and a Master of Laws in Economic and International Commercial Law from Hamburg University, Germany.

Her certifications include Legal Project Practitioner (LLP) and Leader Auditor ISO 45001. Fluent in English, Spanish and German Ms. Brokering’s multilingual proficiency enriches her ability to serve a diverse clientele.

Felipe Puelma

Felipe Puelma is a lawyer, graduated from Universidad Diego Portales in 2023. His unwavering commitment to academic excellence and his fervent dedication to community service have served as cornerstones in his burgeoning career.

During his tenure at the university, Felipe distinguished himself as a research assistant for the «Annual Report on Human Rights» at Universidad Diego Portales in 2019. In this role, he showcased his adeptness in navigating complex and sensitive issues within the realm of human rights. Additionally, his collaboration as a research assistant to Professor Pablo Soto Delgado in 2020 enriched his understanding of Administrative Law, a crucial aspect of legal practice.

Felipe actively engaged in the Mediation and Arbitration Legal Clinic at Universidad Diego Portales in 2021, gaining invaluable hands-on experience in dispute resolution and alternative dispute resolution methodologies.

Most recently, Felipe served as a postulant specializing in civil law at the Corporación de Asistencia Judicial de Quinta Normal from 2023 to 2024. In this capacity, he applied his legal acumen to serve the needs of marginalized communities, embodying his commitment to social justice and equitable legal representation.

Felipe’s unwavering dedication, depth of knowledge, and honed skills render him a consummate professional adept at navigating a diverse array of legal challenges with integrity and ethical fortitude.

Benjamín Campos

Benjamín Campos Morales is a dedicated legal professional, having earned his bachelor’s degree in Law from Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez in 2024. His unwavering passion for social justice and his steadfast commitment to community service underscore his identity as a conscientious and ethical practitioner.

Throughout his academic journey, Benjamín garnered invaluable research experience within civil society non-profit organizations. This experience deepened his understanding of the legal and social challenges that marginalized communities encounter, enabling him to approach these issues with empathy and determination.

In addition to his legal training, Benjamín is proficient in both Spanish and English, enabling him to communicate fluently with a diverse clientele and collaborators across linguistic boundaries.

Benjamín’s unwavering dedication to justice, coupled with his formidable research skills and adeptness in multicultural environments, position him as an indispensable asset for individuals seeking legal guidance rooted in compassion and a collective well-being ethos.

Max Sinclair

Max Sinclair is a distinguished lawyer who graduated from Universidad de Los Andes in 2024, boasting an exemplary academic and professional trajectory. Throughout his education, he specialized in Family Law and honed his skills through an internship at the Judicial Assistance Corporation of Cerro Navia in 2023, where he acquired invaluable practical experience in resolving intricate legal cases.

Apart from his law degree, he pursued specialization in Legal English in 2023, augmenting his proficiency in bilingual communication. His commitment to justice and community welfare shines through his active participation as a member of the Alumni Ombudsman’s Office at Universidad de Los Andes in 2020. Proficient in both Spanish and English, Max adeptly serves the legal needs of a diverse and multicultural clientele. His client-focused approach, coupled with his extensive background, positions him as a trusted and invaluable resource for individuals seeking dependable and expert legal counsel.

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