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Our law firm is specialized providing all the legal advice needed for foreign company’s doing business or FDI in Chile in all matters related to Chilean corporate law, tax law, immigration and labor matters in order to provide a comprehensive consultation to our foreign clients.
Our law firm also provides legal advice in Chilean environmental law and industry’s regulations.

Investment in Chile

For the foreign clients who want to open a business in Chile, our lawyers advise our clients about the kind of legal entity most suitable for their business, in regard to its operation and how to take advantage of the Chilean tax regulation, including the use of double tax agreements. Our law firm will help through all the process of the company incorporation, including doing all the necessary registrations.
If you want to register your trademark in Chile, our lawyers will take care of that.
If for any reason our clients cannot come to Chile, our lawyers will prepare all the powers of attorney needed so we can form the company on their behalf.
In Chile, you need a CEO that is either a Chilean or a foreigner with a valid visa (e.g. working visa). Therefore, one of our lawyers usually acts as the company’s CEO until the real CEO coming from abroad gets his visa.
Our law firm also provides help with the immigration process in Chile, for the investors, their family members and employees. We make all the paperwork for the visa applications for the CEO and other foreign workers, including drafting the work contracts.
Our accountant can do the bookkeeping and accounting until our clients find an inhouse-accountant.
Chile has many free trade agreements with many foreign countries, being the main advantage of those agreements that you do not have to pay customs duties, therefore our law firm advises our clients how to take the most advantage of these agreements and how to obtain the certificates they need to this purpose.

Reviewing contracts

Our lawyers usually review for foreign clients or foreign law firms agreements that are ruled by foreign laws but signed with Chilean counterparts to make sure that the contract itself and its provisions will be valid and binding in Chile.

Legal opinions

Our law firm also prepares several legal opinions in topics like taxation, environmental law, debt collection procedures, arbitration procedures, labor law, etc. for foreign clients and foreign law firms.

Due diligence

If our clients want to buy a business or a real estate in Chile our lawyers do the corresponding due diligence.

Tax Law

Environmental Law

Debt Collection


Immigration Law

Industry's regulation

Labour Law