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Residence Permit as an Investor in Chile

In Chile is possible to obtain a residence permit as an investor.
Foreigners can either apply for a visa after having a company formed in Chile or even before they formed it.
If the investment is in a stage of an idea, then a description of the project must be summited.
This description must include the location of the project, number of employees to be hired, capital to be invested and the profit projections of the project.
If the company has been already formed, then all the documents related to the incorporation must be summited along with the documents proving that the capital of the company has been already paid and the money has entered the country. In the event of an investment in a stage of an idea or if the company has been already formed, but the capital has not been already summited, then suitable documents must be summited to prove that the person applying for the visa has enough means to start the project or pay his part of the shares of the company.
The application for the visa can either be summited when the person arrives in Chile as a tourist or at the Chilean consulate in the respective country.
All foreign documents must be legalized at the Chilean consulate and documents in a foreign languages need a legalized translation.