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Permanent Residency for residents with a visa subject to contract and their dependents

General Requirements

To apply for Permanent Residency in Chile, when the applicant has a work contract and a contract dependent visa, he or she must have completed 2 uninterrupted years as a visa subject to contract holder.
Not only can the main holder of a visa subject to contract apply for permanent residency. Dependents (that is, their children, spouse and parents) of the main holder can also apply along with the main request though they are not allowed to work in the country. If they apply, they must prove their economic sustenance.
The applicant must apply for permanent residency within the last 90 days of validity of the previous temporary residency visa.
The cost of this application is 40% of the minimum wage, which at the time in which this document was drafted was equivalent to $58.056 CLP, or about $94 USD. This fee is waived when the applicant is married to a Chilean national, or if he or she is under 18 years old.

Application Procedure

The application for this kind of visa must be made via postal mail sent to the section of Permanent Residency of the Foreign Affairs Ministry. The letter must be signed by the applicant and include all their relevant information, and must be sent within the last 90 days of validity of the previous residency visa.
It must include, as general documents:

For the main holder, the specific documents needed are the following:

If the main holder has dependents that apply for permanent residency along with him or her, the following documents are required:

Revocation of Permanent Residency

An approved application for permanent residency does not have a specific validity period, so its duration is indefinite.
However, permanent residency can be revoked:


The recipient can apply for the Chilean nationality if he or she remains 5 years as a Permanent Residency Visa holder, counted from the first visa. He or she must also comply with other requirements for nationalization, as established by Chilean law.